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Our Roles & Responsibilities
consciousness coach
My Contribution

Wholehearted Commitment

In my experience of more than 4 years, I have helped multiple clients with Cancer, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, General Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, Clinical Depression and more. I have assisted my clients to overcome self-doubt, money blocks, career & business-related challenges, interpersonal struggles, and crises of varied sorts.

In any of the selected program, for a selected span of sessions, I meet you once a week (preferably) on zoom to practice our session. I also support you on whatsapp in between the sessions while keeping a tab on your progress actively. Each client's needs are unique and so are their home assignments and workbooks are designed considering their unique requirements.

Your Contribution

Reciprocate Wholehearted Commitment

My clients walk in with a decision that together we will reach our defined goal and are not afraid to commit themselves back fully.

Home assignments and showing up as per schedule is the key to successful outcome.

Respect, integrity & authenticity are the core principles we operate with.

You will see development of self-discipline and a drive to excel in your areas of improvement.

I believe that my clients do not hesitate to invest in themselves and show up for themselves with faith and trust. And I serve you to my best capability without a doubt.

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