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The Restfulness Method (TRM)

Understanding Consciousness and Healing Journey: Unveiling the Infinite Potential Within

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Online Session

Service Description

The restfulness method is an approach that recognizes the intelligence within everything that exists on this planet. From individuals, families, teams, organizations, properties to products - each one has its own systemic intelligence. To begin this journey, a detailed interview is conducted which is then used to create genograms that provide a bigger picture. The core language is then explored, revealing core emotions that open the portal of consciousness for both individuals and collectives. As we go deeper into this realm of consciousness, we realize that consciousness is infinite and so are her experiences. The unconscious mind stores a large part of memory, including both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, which can create knots and creases in smooth flowing consciousness. Unpleasant experiences are often rejected, excluded, suppressed, or hidden, including events or members of an individual or collective's family history. Yes, we do carry all the unexpressed, suppressed, rejected, excluded emotions of our ancestors in our genes. This field of study is known as Epigenetics. And there is a reason that in a family of 2 children, one doesn’t feel it all and while the other one is unexplainably overwhelmed! The restfulness method helps individuals and collectives to understand and address these issues from a deeper lens for a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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Priya Apartments, D Block, Vikaspuri, Delhi, India

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