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Touch. Rhythm. Space.

The Restfulness Method by Garima Verma

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About me

They say "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Garima is a Mental Health practitioner who has been of trained in multiple modalities of Family Constellation, Shadow Work, Inner Child Integration, Gestalt, Psychogenomics, Hellingerian Model of Systemic Coaching, NLP, CranioSacral Therapy and Ashtanga yoga. Her technique enables her to provide Holistic Psychotherapy for people working with her. 

She specialises in:

>> Inner Child Trauma Resolution 

>> Somatic Body & Breath Work

>> Systemic Coaching and Intergenerational Trauma Resolution

>> Family Constellation

>> Business Constellation

>> Intuitive Intelligence

She is also the founder of The Restfulness Method (TRM) - a 6 month long virtual 1:1 intensive transformation program, which is based on 3 limbs - Touch, Rhythm & Space. It focuses upon the trauma resolution through deep rest.

Garima strongly believes that Intuition is the highest form of intelligence and her goal is to help her clients to use it in their business and personal lives for day to day challenges.

Knowing that healing begins within, her vision is to help everyone around her in their healing journey. And further create a community of highly intuitive, self-reliant and compassionate individuals.

More about The Restfulness Method (TRM)

In the restfulness method, we approach everything with an understanding that everything existing on this planet has an intelligence of its own. Be it an individual, a family, a team, an organisation, property or a product - each one of them has their own systemic intelligence from which they operate. 

In TRM, we start this journey with a detailed interview collecting facts. From facts - we move to genograms. Genograms help us with the bigger picture. Gently move to the core language revealing the core emotions and emotions open the portal of consciousness - individual and collective both! As we explore, move deeper and into this realm of consciousness within, we experience that Consciousness is infinite, hence her experiences are also infinite!

Because of the infinite experiences, a large part of memory gets stored in the unconscious mind - again for the individual and collective alike!

And the memory contains pleasant and unpleasant experiences alike, which sometimes creates knots and creases in smooth plain flowing consciousness.

The unpleasant experiences are most often rejected, excluded, suppressed, hidden ideas/events/members of a collective or an individual’s family history. 

(Yes, we do carry all the unexpressed, suppressed, rejected, excluded emotions of our ancestors in our genes. This field of study is known as Epigenetics.

And there is a reason that in a family of 2 children, one doesn’t feel it all and while the other one is unexplainably overwhelmed)

The existing knots and creases in our consciousness is like a crumpled silk cloth. In the physical world, no matter how crumbled the silk is, its value doesn’t diminish, similarly a consciousness experiencing certain trauma or setbacks doesn’t defeat the fact that it is a part of the higher ever flowing and renewed intelligence. When a steam iron is placed on the crease, it starts to smoothen up, resuming its actual face and nature. Similarly this work is intense in nature and requires discipline & regularity for tangible transforming results.

And as the cycle of journey completes, the sense of bliss and expansion can be experienced - the higher infinite space present in the finite body gets revealed.

The healing journey is not limited to just one cycle, to put it into the most basic diagram would be a spiral. The direction of the spiral also defines the kind of movement consciousness is choosing - whether upwards or downwards. However the larger picture also reveals that even that spiral is also not  linear in nature. Most times our soul keeps revolving and rotating all the way across the spiral experiences after experiences collecting memories and traumas alike.

The choice to undertake this healing journey is to put this mindless spiralling to a halt, sometimes gently and most times with a jerk. And the individual is pushed to find that centre, that space in the middle. And there the individual soul gets to witness sat-chit-anand together in one go!

Sat is existence, Chitta is consciousness and Ananda is bliss. You can separate them if you want to and, at the same time, you can take them as one. If one achieves Existence, then inside Existence he has Consciousness itself. And if one has Consciousness, then Bliss is there. It is like an apartment or plot of land. You can give the plot of land one name or, if you want to divide it, each part of the plot can be called by a different name. But the reality of one is bound to be found in the other. They complement one another. So you can either separate them or keep them as one.

In The Restfulness Method, I introduce my clients to this journey of finding this space in their centredness of their being using gentle methods of touch, rhythm and space and help them find their own power within to continue this lifelong journey by themselves and maintain that pleasant blissful being within.

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Client Speak!


Shweta, Delhi

I was referred to Garima when I had been looking for help where I knew what I definitely did Not want, and was introduced to CST. I was ready for any thing, something where I would not be required to do any 'mental work' I was sure but did not know what was out there that would actually work. Following through with her sessions was a conscious choice and I'm so glad I continued as results began to manifest quite instantaneously where I gained my calm, years of constrained breathing eased down so much which has been The major relief aspect of the whole therapy. Sometimes we know there's so much at the surface, that we need to take a plunge and put faith in another to help us sort what's deep within which even we have either forgotten or taken as a part we needn't carry. I would surely recommend Garima for CST sessions, she can surely help uncover years of suppressed fluid body functions and relieve those blockages back to ease. Thanks 🙏🏻

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