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Touch. Rhythm. Space.

The Restfulness Method by Garima Verma

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About me

They say "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


Garima is a Holistic Health practitioner who has been of trained in multiple modalities of Family Constellation, Shadow Work, Inner Child Integration, Gestalt, Psychogenomics, Hellingerian Model of Systemic Coaching, NLP, CranioSacral Therapy and Ashtanga yoga. Her technique enables her to provide Holistic Psychotherapy for people working with her. 


She specialises in:

>> Inner Child Trauma Resolution 

>> Somatic Body & Breath Work

>> Systemic Coaching and Intergenerational Trauma Resolution

>> Family Constellation

>> Business Constellation

>> Intuitive Intelligence


Basis her learnings and experience, she founded The Restfulness Method (TRM) - a 1:1 intensive transformation program, which is based on 3 limbs - Touch, Rhythm & Space. It focuses upon the resolution of the root cause of the trauma through deep rest.


Garima strongly believes that Intuition is the highest form of intelligence and her goal is to help her clients to use it in every aspect of their lives for an empowered living.

Knowing that healing begins within, her vision is to help everyone around her in their personal growth journey. And further create a community of highly intuitive, self-reliant and compassionate individuals.


Client Speak!


Shweta, Delhi

I was referred to Garima when I had been looking for help where I knew what I definitely did Not want, and was introduced to CST. I was ready for any thing, something where I would not be required to do any 'mental work' I was sure but did not know what was out there that would actually work. Following through with her sessions was a conscious choice and I'm so glad I continued as results began to manifest quite instantaneously where I gained my calm, years of constrained breathing eased down so much which has been The major relief aspect of the whole therapy. Sometimes we know there's so much at the surface, that we need to take a plunge and put faith in another to help us sort what's deep within which even we have either forgotten or taken as a part we needn't carry. I would surely recommend Garima for CST sessions, she can surely help uncover years of suppressed fluid body functions and relieve those blockages back to ease. Thanks 🙏🏻

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